I am sitting here deciding whether to add more ramblings to any already congested  blogosphere.  Having signed onto WordPress months ago, only to return months later asking myself the question; “Do we really need another blog.  My instinct tells me to go for it. I like reading blogs. Some all together silly, while others continue to impress me with their insight.

So yes, write a blog.  Should my blogging be a journey of self discovery or one that contributes to the higher good? YES. A blog is a simple way through my thoughts against the virtual wall and see what sticks. And speaking of sticks, maybe we are all like the caveman. Rubbing two sticks together to see what happens. 

Perhaps we will kindle our understanding of ourselves, or perhaps we will ignite a firestorm.  Either way, the question is not really “To blog or not to blog”. The question is to “Question”.